Bio. There's no way around it.

Gone are the days when bio was synonymous with back-to-nature freaks. Figures published by VLAM (Flemish Centre for Agricultural and Fisheries Marketing) revealed that nine in ten people stocked up on bio products at least once last year. However, consumers primarily bought traditional bio products such as vegetables, fruit and milk. Also, such purchases were few and far between.


Buying more products more often
VLAM tasked These Days with the following: get consumers to eat more bio products. Not only should bio products feature on the menu more often; the menu as such could also do with a higher bio content.
That’s why These Days and VLAM set up the ‘Bio. There’s no way around it.’ campaign, which delivers a dual message:

  1. You can eat biologically every day. For everything you put on your plate there is a biological alternative. So not just for fruit and vegetables but also for chocolates, pasta, sandwich filling and even beer. In addition, most food stores today carry bio products.
  2. Bio products can be recognised by the EU bio label.

Radio, print and POS
We developed four radio commercials and four campaign visuals for advertisements and POS. The campaign has been ‘on air’ for three weeks now and it’s featured in newspapers and magazines everywhere. A second wave and an online competition in the margins of the Gentse Feesten (Ghent Festival) are set to reinforce the campaign message in the autumn.

Radio spot - Pasta

MP3 - 901 Kb

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