Lunch Garden and VML daydream about vol-love-vent 

Antwerp, 18 March 2024

When contemplating the great classics of Belgian cuisine, one quickly thinks of vol-au-vent. And when one thinks of it very strongly, one soon sees vol-au-vent everywhere. Waiting for the bus, for example. This can lead to moments as beautiful as they are embarrassing, as in the new TV spot that VML has created for Lunch Garden. Fortunately, these reveries always end well, since you can enjoy 'all you can love' vol-au-vent for only €12.99.

In addition to the TV spot, Lunch Garden's 'vol-love-vent' also shines in online videos, DOOH, POS, banner ads, and in various social media formats. And surely soon on your plate!

LuGa Vol-love-vent DOOH NL 1.mp4

MP4 - 4.7 Mb

LuGa Vol-love-vent DOOH FR 2.mp4

MP4 - 4.8 Mb

LuGa Vol-love-vent SoMe NL.mp4

MP4 - 5.7 Mb


Client: Lunch Garden 

Client contact: Ifke Nauwelaerts, Leen Baeten ​ 

Agency: VML Belgium ​ 

Chief Creative Officer: Klaartje Galle 

Creative Directors: Kasper Janssens, Arjen Tarras 

Creative team: Jolien Tuyteleers, Kate Bellefroid 

Client Director: Michelle Stas 

Client Manager: Stéphanie Romano 

Client Executive: Luca Vinck 

Strategic Director: Tom Vingerhoets 

Strategic Planner: Gaëlle Maes 

Designers: Timothy Helmer, Christophe De Pelsemaker, Sofie Luyckx, Emilie Sodini 

Copywriters: Jelle Raats, Jérôme Van Den Broeck 

Agency Producer: Tim Keeren, Ingeborg Van Hoof ​ 

Sound Engineer: Menno Van Riet 

Motion Design: Andreas De Ridder, Mikael Naudet 

Production Company: Latcho 

Director: Henry Littlechild 

Photography: Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle 

Postproduction Company: Moxy 

Music: Amp.Amsterdam 






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