OVAM and Wunderman Thompson get 9 fashion brands to promote the bags of their competitors.

Antwerp, 24 November 2023

"It doesn't matter which bag you use, as long as you bring it from home." That's the message conveyed by the mannequins of 9 major fashion brands in Flanders, each wearing a striking accessory: a reusable shopping bag from their competitors. OVAM’s new campaign aims to raise awareness of the need to bring your own reusable bag when you go out shopping.

Waste Reduction Week was launched off with an eye-catching stunt created by Wunderman Thompson Benelux for OVAM (the public Flemish waste company). Nine major fashion brands enlisted their most visible influencers for this: their mannequins! In the displays at e5, JACK & JONES, JBC, JJXX, LolaLiza, ONLY, ONLY & SONS, Torfs and VERO MODA, the mannequins carry the reusable bags of competing stores. The accompanying window stickers explain the campaign: “It doesn't matter which bag you use to shop. As long as you bring it from home.

ELINE AERTS, OVAM: "In the supermarket, reusable bags have become common: most people bring their own from home. But when we go shopping for clothes, almost no one has this reflex. As a result, we all keep accumulating new bags that sit at home collecting dust, which is quite polluting. That is why we want to encourage people to reuse their bags, and therefore invite them to mix and match! Because shopping with another retailer’s bag is better for the planet than shopping without one.”
LolaLiza, Grand Bazar Antwerpen
LolaLiza, Grand Bazar Antwerpen

The nine fashion brands that pledged to help spread the message are doing so in no less than 51 shops located in Antwerp, Mechelen, Ghent, Leuven, Waasland Shopping, Wijnegem Shop Eat Enjoy, Edegem, Lommel, Ternat and Lokeren. They are also sharing the campaign on their own social media feeds to reach even more shoppers. And some CEOs and other well-known representatives of these brands have taken a selfie in front of ‘their’ shop but with someone else’s bag for the occasion. All for a good cause.

Wunderman Thompson Benelux also created another social campaign with short videos that urging people not to forget their reusable bag when going shopping.

OVAM - Shopping bags OLV.mp4

MP4 - 46 Mb


  • Client: OVAM
  • Contact: Eline Aerts 
  • Agency: Wunderman Thompson Benelux 
  • Chief Creative Officer: Klaartje Galle 
  • Executive Creative Directors: Arjen Tarras, Kasper Janssens 
  • Creative Director: Merel Van den Broeck
  • Creative Team: Kate Bellefroid, Jolien Tuyteleers
  • Account Team: Barbara Van Duffel, Lotte Huybrechts, Diede Michiels
  • Strategic Planner: Alexander Kolenberg
  • Design Director: Jeffrey Uten
  • Design: Bert Beckers
  • DTP: Jan-Bart Debruyne
  • Print Production: Sofie Verschaeren
  • Copywriter: Jelle Raats
  • Agency Producer: Amélie Van Campen
  • Motion Designers: Karel Van Gucht, Bert Beckers
  • Sound Design: Menno Van Riet 

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