Skewers + cheers: These Days introduces the Rodenbach Bar BQ

At Rodenbach it’s no rest for the wicked this summer, because the beer from Roeselare praised by beer connoisseur Michael Jackson as ‘the most refreshing beer in the world’, is ready to quench thirsty throats during the hot summer months.
Truckloads of smaller and not so small actions are planned for both July and August. And you can take the truckloads quite literally because the Rodenbach Bar BQ brings the solution to a typical BBQ problem. At a BBQ there’s always one person who’s working up a sweat while the rest of the guests are sipping a cold beer. Now that’s a thing of the past thanks to the Rodenbach Bar BQ, a round barbecue with a bar where everyone can cook their own meat and enjoy a refreshing Rodenbach at the same time. Over the next few weeks you can win a visit of the Rodenbach Bar BQ to your home, complete with a BBQ package - dishes that pair well with Rodenbach, of course. All you need is the right seasoning to make the neighbours green with envy. Bon appetit. And cheers!

  • Credits:
  • Client: Rodenbach – Palm Belgian Craft Brewers
  • Contacts: Tom Robberechts, Kristof Ampe
  • Agency: These Days
  • Strategy: Dimitri De Lauw
  • Account: Veroniek Hesters, Charlotte Jaros
  • CD: Sam De Volder
  • Creation: Wout Geysen, Tijs Dejonckheere
  • TV Producer: Ingeborg Van Hoof
  • Motion: Mikael Naudet
  • Social: Chloé Van Elsen
  • Performance: Bart Delvaux
  • Copy: Tine Bongaerts

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These Days

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