Telenet and Wunderman Thompson take pictures offline to protect children's privacy

Antwerp - 15 June 2020

More than half of parents post pictures of their children on social media without asking them first. The phenomenon is known as sharenting and as a consequence nearly 1 in 5 teens regularly ask their parents to take a picture down. Parents are unwittingly violating their children’s privacy and exposing them to all manner of dangers such as cyberbullying.

Telenet is launching The Offline Deal to make parents think twice about the pictures they post on social media and to make them aware that children really do have a say, regardless of their age. The action aims to open up a dialogue between parents and children about the pictures they share on social media. The principle is simple: parents discuss with their children which pictures must be taken down and when they remove pictures from their social media account they get a free offline copy of those pictures, i.e. printed on photo paper so they can have them framed and hang them somewhere in the house. This way Telenet wants to inspire parents and their children to take a more critical view of what they post on social media.

The Offline Deal is part of #TelenetGo, the initiative to help people take a smarter approach to their screens. 


  • Agency: Wunderman Thompson
  • Client: Telenet
  • Client contact: Marijke Vissers, Fabienne Beckers, Lisa Dewinter
  • Creative Directors: Manuel Ostyn, Pieter Staes
  • Creative team: Cédric Trefois, Catherine Hermans
  • Account team: Charlotte Feremans, Jet Vervenne, Femke Sermeus
  • Project managers: Sarah Vermylen, Arnout Deville
  • Strategy: Tom Vingerhoets, Djuna Deleyn
  • Copywriter: Tine Bongaers, Jérôme Van Den Broeck, Yves Donceel
  • Design: Katrien Muller, Kay Karremans, Thijs ter Haar
  • Motion Designer: Bert Beckers
  • DTP: Jan-Bart Debruyne, Bernard Durant
  • Agency producer: Caroline Van Ranst
  • Editing: Mikael Naudet
  • Production house: De Machine


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