These Days and Telenet fall into each other’s arms

These Days came up with an activation event for Telenet in support of the slogan “These are great times to experience together”. The agency installed Hug Stalls in 10 locations during the festive season.

People could get a free hot chocolate from the stalls. All they needed to do to heat their chocolate milk was to give each other a nice big hug. A bespoke hug detection system based on blob detection technology was developed. The system’s algorithms could identify human movements, such as hugs. Once the system detected a hug, it activated two microwave ovens to heat the chocolate milk. During each 30-second hug, a photo was taken that immediately became available from the Telenet shop.

The entire event was reported in a social video that was sent as warm Telenet Christmas wishes on Facebook and Instagram.


  • Client: Telenet
  • Contacts: Olivier Severs, Monia Ben Tahar, Sarah De Haes, Erik Van Der Kolk
  • Agency: These Days
  • Accounts: Sarah Souffriau, Ine Mannaerts
  • CD: Pieter Staes, Manuel Ostyn
  • Creation: Wout Geysen, Tijs Dejonckheere
  • Design: Inge Vanhees
  • Animation design: Mika Naudet
  • Producer: Ingeborg Vanhoof
  • Regisseur: Tijs Dejonckheere
  • Video crew: Toon Perseyn, Neal Willaert, Diana Musca
  • Montage: Thijs Hasselman
  • Partners: Butik, e-demonstrations, Mojuice

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