These Days Y&R protects your children from burn injuries for Flamigel

Unique heat sensitive sticker prevents burn injuries

Over 50% of burn injuries happen to children under the age of 5. They don’t see the danger of hot objects. That’s why These Days Y&R invented the heat sensitive sticker to warn young children. The technology from thermo graphic ink was applied to stickers to create the first heat sensitive sticker. When an object like a radiator, oven or barbeque reaches the temperature of 40°, the sticker turns from a happy blue face into an angry red flame.
The campaign was developed for Flamigel, a gel to treat burn injuries. With this innovative sticker Flamigel does not only help to treat burn injuries, but also helps to prevent them. When you buy a tube of Flamigel at the pharmacist, you get the stickers for free. 


For These Days Y&R

  • Sam De Volder -  Executive Creative Director
  • Mateusz Mroszczak - Creative Director
  • Bert Beckers - Head Of Design
  • Pieter De Lange - Senior Art Director
  • Tomas Vanloon - Copywriter
  • Sylvie Versteylen - Chief Customer Service
  • Annelies Deneckere - Account Manager
  • Isabelle Maenhout - Print Production
  • Jef Raeman - Senior Strategic Planner
  • Daniel Verbist -  AV Production

For Flen Pharma

  • Caroline Vervaeke - Marketing Manager

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