Unique, world-first packaging innovation 't Hoeksche Hoekje can save the world. Of flavor.

Premium potato chips brand Hoeksche Chips from 's-Gravendeel, South Holland, in collaboration with advertising agency Wunderman Thompson, today introduced an innovation in the packaging of their new flavor "Salt & Balsamic vinegar" that the world did not know it was waiting for.

‘s-Gravendeel / Amsterdam, 19 April 2023

The chips from Hoeksche Chips can be counted among the best in the Netherlands and perhaps far beyond. Entrepreneurs Henk Scheele and Rene de Zeeuw and their team grow, harvest, cut and fry the chips on their farm 'De Hoeksche Hoeve'. Sustainably grown potatoes fried in their skins in the purest sunflower oil and seasoned with a little sea salt or natural herbs. Less fat, less salt and much tastier than ordinary potato chips.

Not surprisingly, together with globally renowned advertising agency Wunderman Thompson and their offices in Atlanta and Amsterdam, they came up with something so that nothing, but nothing of those delicious chips would go to waste. Because for centuries, mankind has been plagued by the problem of crumbs at the bottom of the chip bag. With no way to get them out of the bag without losing your human dignity or, even worse, making a mess on your clothes or the couch.

But so now there is a solution: 't Hoeksche Hoekje. With a simple wave of the hand, the bottom left side of the chip bag can be removed and the last, tastiest crumbs can be conducted directly to hand or mouth without crumb loss. The unique Flavor Saver technology ensures that none of the delicious flavor of Hoeksche Chips is lost.

Try 't Hoeksche Hoekje for yourself. Your chips experience "will never be the same. Hoeksche Chips 'Salt & Balsamic Vinegar' including 't Hoeksche Hoekje is available from today at specialty stores in the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.hoekschechips.nl

"Our focus is entirely on making the very tastiest chips available. Everything has to give way to quality and authenticity. This is probably also why Hoeksche Chips has been the 'chips of choice' for KLM's Business Class for years. But no sooner had we thought about how adapting the packaging could help ensure that none of that quality is lost. For decades, chip bags have not changed substantially. Today that is coming to an end." ​
- Henk Scheele and Rene de Zeeuw, owners Hoeksche Chips and Farmhouse Chips.
"It is a privilege to work with such passionate entrepreneurs who put so much love and passion into their product. So it is only natural that we have put all our brainpower into ensuring that none of the unique and authentic taste of Hoeksche Chips is lost. This is a great day for chip eaters everywhere." ​
- Bas Korsten, Global Chief Creative Officer Wunderman Thompson

Contact info Hoeksche Chips:

Henk Scheele: 06-22905415

Rene de Zeeuw: 06-83167570

Email: [email protected]


Wunderman Thompson Benelux

Elke Janssens: +32 476 72 85 49

Email: [email protected]

About Wunderman Thompson

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Client: Hoeksche Chips

Founder/Managing Director: Henk Scheele

Founder/Managing Director: Rene de Zeeuw

Packing company: Fresh & Pack Services

Sales Director - Niels Kahlmann

CEO - Rob Nijgh

Agency: Wunderman Thompson (Benelux + Atlanta)

Global Chief Creative Officer – Bas Korsten

Benelux Chief Creative Officer – Sandra Bold

Atlanta Executive Creative Director – Jared Kozel

Atlanta Associate Creative Director ​ – Ransom Haywood

Atlanta Associate Creative Director – Fallon Parker

Benelux Head of Design / Sr. Art Director – Tunchan Kalkan

Atlanta Project Manager – Min Yoo

Atlanta Production Manager - Stacey Amos

Benelux PR – Elke Janssens

US PR – Rebecca Sullivan

Global PR – Emilie Sharp

Production company: Nosh Food Films

Executive Producer - Anne Greeve

Producer - Tom Plinsinga

Regisseur - Jordy Tempelman

DOP - Levien Priem

1st AC - Maxime van Erp

Gaffer - Christian van Marle

Best Boy - Joep Fransen

Setdresser - Cecile Hanrath

Production Assistant - Martijn Pekel

Production Assistant - Bram Goossens

Post production company: Volstok

Post Production and vfx: Volstok

Executive producer: Johanna Keppens

Post-producer: Mirjam De Vreese and Sarah Verhofstadt

Editor: Pierre Mailly

Grading: Joost Vandekerckhove

Vfx: Matthias Muer




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