Wunderman gives almost everything for the Flemish Red Cross.

Antwerp - 20 September 2022

Stem cells save lives but currently we are unable to help 1 in 3 patients from mixed, Turkish, North or Central African backgrounds… This is because sharing stem cells is only possible between people of the same ethnicity. To help close that gap Wunderman Thompson set up an authentic communication campaign to find suitable donors.

To help close that gap Wunderman Thompson set up an authentic communication campaign to find suitable donors. The campaign - launched on World Marrow Donor Day 17 September no less - is carried by a number of people who share a very close relationship but not the same ethnicity. In a documentary video they tell the viewer there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for each other. Absolutely nothing... At least, that’s what they think... When they hear they can’t share their stem cells to save each other’s lives, they are baffled. Their sincere reactions go straight to the heart - and hopefully especially to the heart of their community. Several of them immediately decided to set the example and register as stem cell donors, the most generous gesture they could make for their community. The shooting of this video involved in-depth conversations with those different ethnic communities. As a result, our call will be shared intensively within these communities by, among others, religious leaders, the people in our video, etc.

The campaign combines the documentary video with short versions on social, DOOH, and posters and flyers that will also be distributed through doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, universities and university colleges.

View the entire video and/or register right away as a stem cell donor on stemcelldonor.be #giveforeachtoher


  • Agency: Wunderman Thompson
  • Client: Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen
  • Client contact: Sara Jacobi, Ann Jansen, An Van Sande, Sarah Van Dingenen
  • Creative Directors: Sam De Volder, Kristof Snels
  • Creative team: Sarah Huysmans, Jasper Verleije
  • Account team: Davy Baccarne, Tine Van Hasselt, Astrid Van den Brande, Annelies Nyns, Molly Waeytens
  • Strategy: Els Raemdonck, Maryse Van Kerckhoven, Mélanie Aerts
  • Design: Hanne Beullens, Katrien Muller, Valérie Henrard
  • Media: Caroline Bogaerts, Mindshare
  • Copy: Jelle Raats, Lynn Pinsart, Joeri Quinet, Gavin Watt, Gilles De Bruyere
  • DTP: Theo Hagtingius
  • Motion design: Karel Van Gucht, Mikael Naudet, Andreas De Ridder
  • Agency producer: Ingeborg Van Hoof, Thomas Anthoni, Caroline Van Ranst, Toon Vandenbranden
  • Production Company: Adult E
  • Executive Producer: Tatiana Pierre
  • Production manager: Lena Van Goethem
  • Director: Lieven Bulckens
  • Editor: Erik Bulckens
  • Photography: ​ Lieven Bulckens


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