Wunderman Thompson and Light & Free have us taste with our ears

Antwerp, February 19th 2020

Tasting colours, seeing sound and hearing smells. These are just 3 of up to 60 known forms of ‘synaesthesia’: a neurological phenomenon approximately 5 percent of the population is born with. And although synaesthesia is sometimes branded a ‘medical condition’ or an ‘aberration’, it is primarily a gift that inspires. 

Famous synaesthetes
Most of us taste what they taste, hear what they hear and see what they see. To Pharrell Williams, Billie Eilish and Vincent Van Gogh, reality is or was somewhat different. They have (or had) synaesthesia: a difficult word describing a neurological phenomenon occurring in people whose cognitive pathways are different. As a result, one sensory perception involuntarily also stimulates sensory perception in a second of their five senses. Take Annie for instance...

What taste sounds the best?
Annie can taste sound. That is why Wunderman Thompson enlisted her help for a surprising social media campaign. Light & Free wanted to let Millenials choose between three new flavours. But how do you let your consumers choose between flavours they can’t sample? Annie was given the challenge to translate the three flavours into audio taste samples with the assistance of a composer and a musician. Based on these samples consumers can vote the tastiest sounding flavour straight onto the shop shelf. Watch the mini documentary about the sound of flavors here.

Express yourself
The challenge Annie took up is entirely in line with the Light & Free brand promise. The brand aims to give all millennials the opportunity to truly express themselves. With a complete disregard of what anyone may think. Express yourself is an appeal to be yourself even if you’re different.

If you’re curious to experience the new tastes, click here to sample the audio fragments yourself and cast your vote.




  • Agency: Wunderman Thompson Antwerp 
  • Client: Light & Free
  • Client contact: Nathalie Sowinski, Léa Rouyer, Tô-Anh Nguyen, Chloë Petit
  • Creative Director: Merel Van den Broeck
  • Creative team: Pim Smeets, Robbin de Waij
  • Account team: Emilie Demoor, Mieke Moortgat, Mart Beerten
  • Strategy: Mélanie Dalla-riva
  • Design director: Sébastien Greffe
  • Design: Kenny Smet, Inge Vanhees ​ 
  • 3D motion designer: Matthias Berghmans
  • Copy: Tine Sinnaeve, Yves Donceel, Jérôme Van Den Broeck
  • Agency producer: Ingeborg Van Hoof, Amélie Van Campen
  • Music composer and audio production: Thomas Houthave
  • DOP: Pieter Neirynck
  • Sound: Yannik Bolsens
  • Editor and motion design: Andreas De Ridder 
  • Sound post production: Menno Van Riet
  • UX/UI Design Director: Jeroen Michiels
  • Project Manager: Klaas Van Den Brande
  • Development Director: Arnout Devillé
  • Front-end developer: Jesse Debruyckere
  • Back-end developer: Adrian Covrig
  • UX/UI designer: Clara Mandujano


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