Wunderman Thompson keeps it clean when recruiting from other agencies

Antwerp - 31 March 2021

Wunderman Thompson, the creative agency with offices in Brussels and Antwerp, continues to grow. To cope with all this work, we’re doing lots of hiring. But future employees don't grow on trees. No, they’re taken from other agencies. So as a gesture of good will, Wunderman Thompson has cleaned the windows of those offices. According to Timothy Tancré, the window cleaner on duty (and, with 5 million followers, the world's most famous window cleaner), it was much needed.

Want to scrub up your career by changing jobs? Check out the vacancies at wundermanthompson.com/careers and who knows, you might soon be looking through the freshly washed windows of Wunderman Thompson, reflecting on what a good decision you've made. That is, if the virus keeps at bay and the vaccination campaign takes off; otherwise, you'll be doing your reflecting at home.

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